Before we broke up for half term, Year 4 were learning about our teeth and the effects different foods and liquids can have on them. As a year group we all carried out an experiment to see what liquids damage the enamel on our teeth the most. An eggs shell has the same composition as the enamel on our teeth, therefore we submerged 5 eggs into 5 different liquids: milk, water, orange juice, coca cola and vinegar.

When we returned after our half term break, we explored the results. Some had changed, some had not. Can you predict what one was the worst?

Have a look below for a clearer insight…


This one was the egg from the vinegar, is had doubled in size and was wobbly.


This is the egg in milk, it had gone hard!img_0103 img_0106 img_0107

We found that the egg that was submerged in vinegar was affected the most, the shell had completely disappeared and all that was left was a thin layer of skin!

Digestive System

As the term drew to a close, Year 4 got very scientific and started learning about the digestive system. This involved lots of ‘hands on’ experiments!

Our first experiment was the making of some poo. The children used food and different utensils to mimic the different organs involved when digesting food. For instance, tights resembled the small and large intestine, the children had a lot of fun. The picture below shows the end result…


The children also explored the effects sugar has on our teeth through using eggs and leaving them in different liquids. These included: coca cola, milk, vinegar, orange juice and water. We will find out the results when returning to school after half term.

Take a look at some other experiments we did in the pictures below…

img_0080 img_0081 img_0082 img_0084 img_0085 img_0086 img_0087 img_0088



This week we have begun to learn about the ancient Roman city, Pompeii. We were amazed by some of the facts we learnt.

  • The pumice and ash shot 12 miles into the sky
  • The ash layer was 16 feet deep
  • The lava flowed at speeds up to 70 miles per hour down the mountain side
  • Mount Vesuvius erupted solidly for 24 hours
  • Temperatures in the volcano reached 1300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • More than 2000 people died
  • Their bodies were preserved by the ash and can still be seen today
  • 1/3 of Pompeii is still undiscovered

pompeii-1 pompeii-2 pompeii-3

We are looking forward to finding out more!

Year 4 Assembly 

Last Friday Yr 4 presented their first assembly of the year.  The children all worked hard to write, practice and read their information in assembly.
The children presented information about the the Romans, our topic this term, and also showed pictures of our trip to St Albans.
They shared pieces of their art work, mosaics and Class 19 sang a song that Miss Molony has been teaching them in their Wednesday music sessions.

Class 19 performed Mamma Mia

Learning Logs


Year 4 have been producing some amazing Learning Log homework this term.  The classes have been inundated with Roman shields, mosaics and food including Honey Tarts and Fruit platters.

The children have also been working hard to produce a variety of written work which has included explaining Roman Numerals, labelled diagrams of teeth and descriptions of their functions.  The teachers are looking forward to handing out lots of certificates at the end of this term.

Keep up the hard work Year 4 and do not forget your reading and Mathletics as well

Digital Leaders

Mrs Cameron, Miss Dear and Miss Oxlade are looking for new Digital Leaders for each of our classes.  If you think you would made a good Digital Leader please write an application comment on this post telling us why we should consider you for this very responsible position.

We look forward to reading your application comments.


Last week was a busy week for Year 4, who are busy preparing for their assembly! In RE the children have been getting really excited about their topic, Spirituality. They have been exploring what spiritual means and how it can be interpreted and symbolised in many different ways.

They had the opportunity to listen, sing and create their own Psalms relating to their life and the world around them. As a class they then performed the Psalms by reading or singing them aloud. It was really great to watch them work collaboratively with their Talk Partners!

img_0037 img_0049 img_0057img_0053

Roman Verulamium

What an amazing day! We’ve had so much fun exploring the ruins at the Roman town of Verulamium in St. Albans. The year 4’s all got to try on Roman style tunics and went shopping in the market. We learnt about how the Roman’s lived, the jobs they did and how they bathed. We were able to touch original roman mosaics and studied many artifacts that had been discovered on the site. I think we’ll all sleep well tonight!


2016-09-19-14-48-57 2016-09-19-12-28-45 2016-09-19-12-10-47


Romans, Romans, Romans

It has been another action packed week in Year 4. We have been deepening our understanding of basic skills, in terms of sentences, grammar and punctuation, whilst also researching the Romans further in preparation for our trip on Monday. They have been exploring Pompeii as a city in Italy and the background history of Vesuvius.

As our trip comes closer the children are very excited about having a context for all the information they have learnt over the past two weeks. Some questions have been looming about what a Roman bath really looks like? Will there be real Armour there?  It will definitely be an exciting trip for them.

Other events are Class 10 made some Ancient Roman bread in class as a way to consolidate their understanding of time connectives and use of Roman numerals.

All Year 4 classes have worked extremely hard this week!img_0005romansimg_0003

Welcome to Year 4!

What a fantastic week so far! We’ve completed some exceptional artwork which you will soon be able to see displayed around the school and have already started learning about the Romans.

This year we will be really looking to challenge and deepen the children’s learning; ensuring they have consolidated the basic skills that they will need in the future and supporting them to make sure they are independent in all aspects of their school life.