Today was the end of our topic on Hamlet. The children have all worked really hard to understand the plot, the characters and they have loved predicting what would happen next. However, I’m not sure they expected quite as much tragedy as what happened at the end.

To celebrate the end of this fantastic Shakespearean play the children composed their own drama performances today. These consisted of a freeze frame to begin with, followed by acting and ending with another freeze frame.

Both Miss Ford and I were amazed by all of the performances!



Holiday Homework

Over the holiday we would really like all of year 4 to read everyday for at least 15 minutes. It would be great if you could find a book you haven’t read before that you really enjoy and bring it in to discuss with your class. Perhaps you could inspire someone else to try a book by a new author or about an unusual setting or theme. Your book can be fiction or non- fiction.

Try to write a diary entry for each day of the holiday. Think about the most interesting or important things you do. Who is with you? Where are you? Add some details to make it more interesting to read. Check you spelling, punctuation and Kinetic letters carefully. Read every sentence to ensure they all make sense!

Please try to tackle the tasks set for you on Mathletics and don’t forget to practice your Times Tables. Remember to think about your fact families e.g. 3 x 4 = 12 so 4 x 3 =12 so 12 / 3 = 4 and 12/ 4 = 3.

Have a fantastic week and we look forward to hearing all your news when we see you in Term 4!

Homework 22.1.18

This week we will be starting our new Science topic- Food Chains. We would like you to come to our lesson on Thursday (25.1.18) already knowing what a food chain is. Once you have found an explanation, write a simple sentence or paragraph to explain to your class what you have learnt. You can add your findings to the blog or bring it into class for your teacher.

We look forward to comparing ideas and knowledge.

It was a cold and frosty night…

This morning, Year 4 all imagined they were a guard up on the battlements.

While they were completing their duty, something peculiar was happening. They could hear a strange noise coming from somewhere within the castle. After a while, they discovered King Hamlet’s ghost and he had a message to share with the prince.

Once the children had completed their drama, they all wrote a play script so they could share the ghost’s message. They are looking forward to finding out what will happen next now Hamlet has been given his instructions.

Extra breakfast!

This year, all of the year group have been working hard to improve their Kinetic Letters. This means that Year 4 will soon be giving their flicks some extra breakfast and joining them. It is really important that the children are confident with using all of the letter families:

  • Jumper (h, ?, r, m, n, p)
  • Abracadabra (c, a, o, ?, g, q, ?)
  • Window Cleaners (l, ?, t, u)
  • Special Squirter (?)
  • Sliders (v, ?, k, z, x)
  • Fishers (j, g, ?, y)


We need your help! As you can see, there are some letters missing. We would like you to write out the completed families in your best Kinetic Letters. Remember to draw yourself a tree.

Bonus points – Can you make a list of the 5 Brave Monkey letters.

Please complete this by Friday 19th January 2018.

What is area?

It has been a fun week learning all about factors in Maths. Together the children now understand what a factor is and the product number. They know just how important times tables are and how they truly unlock the key to Maths.


HOMEWORK: In Maths next week we will be learning about area. Can you find out what area means in Maths and how to calculate it? For extra BONUS house points how is area different to perimeter?


We would like to welcome back all of Year 4 as we start the Spring Term. We all enjoyed our Castles day today and had fun parading our costumes under the amazing standards we had created last week. Thank you to all parents who helped to make our classes look so fantastic!

We will be continuing to develop our understanding of William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. We have already started to look at the characters in the play, their relationships with each other and some of the key plot lines.  We will also be continuing to learn about life in a castle in Medieval times.

Homework Task: Please could you find out at least one key fact about the role of someone who would have lived in a castle. Please can you write down your findings and bring into school by Thursday 12th January to help us in our History lesson this week.


Anglo Saxon Feast

On the 1st November, the whole of Year 4 had the opportunity to take part in an Anglo Saxon feast. The day started when the Bellinge Campus joined us to help us prepare the food. This consisted of half of us chopping, peeling and slicing vegetables for our vegetable stew, whilst the other half of the class scored, cored and stuffed apples before baking them in the oven.

Once the food was prepared and cooking, we worked in groups to prepare our own verses for a shared poem about a dragon which we then performed around our fireplace.

Finally we were able to taste our food and in the main everyone enjoyed the Anglo Saxon menu.

Term 2

Well… it has been a busy term, starting with our Anglo- Saxon day. We had so much fun performing poems and preparing and tasting our feast. It was great to spend time with all of Year 4 together and getting to make new friends.

We were very concerned to hear that The West Stow site was under threat from a building company and we wrote persuasive letters to try and change their minds about building a new housing estate which would destroy the Anglo Saxon homes and the museum. We are hoping that they will reply to our letters soon to tell us the outcome of their decision.

We have had a talk from our local PCSOs, helping us to know who the safe adults are in our lives and who we can talk to if we are worried about anything. We have also thought carefully about recycling and how this can help to protect our local environment as well as the rest of the Earth. Next week we will be thinking about Road Safety and how we can make sure we are safe when walking to and from school/ friends etc.

EB Campus have enjoyed our Brass lessons and are looking forward to our concerts on Wednesday this week. Bellinge Campus will be starting their lessons next term so keep an eye out for your concert details in early March.

We have been busy rehearsing for our end of term productions and hope that everyone will be able to come and watch us. Ecton Brook Campus are enjoying the songs and script from Bethlehem The Musical!

From next term we will be using the blog to help us introduce Flipped Learning in Year 4. This is something Year 6 have been using for a while to help develop understanding and to provide pupils with a deeper learning experience. The activities we put on will need to be completed by given dates so that the children come prepared to the lesson ready for us to challenge them further. The children will also be awarded points which will be added to their Learning Logs. There is an expectation that these tasks are completed as without this prior learning children will struggle to keep up with their peers. To support this we will provide time in a lunch or break time for those children who can’t access the tasks at home.

Thank you to all of the Year 4s for another fantastic term and we are very much looking forward to Term 3.

Our trip to West Stow

Yesterday, we were all lucky enough to visit the Anglo Saxon village of West Stow and find out some interesting facts that we didn’t already know.

All of us had the opportunity to enter the reconstructed village, this had a variety of different houses that archaeologists believe to be replicas of original houses based on the evidence they excavated.

Stepahanie, our lovely guide, was fantastic at telling us interesting facts that no one knew. One that the children particularly enjoyed was learning that Anglo Saxons invented keys but this was only because they were terrified of elves. Every Anglo Saxon had the same key but they kept their doors shut I case elves came. They believed elves would shoot them with arrows which caused stitches and give them diseases such as chicken pox.

All in all it was a fantastic day had by all!