Happy Holidays!

We hope you are having a fantastic holiday and taking time to rest and relax. Did you have fun in the sun today? We’d love to know what you have been up to so why don’t you let us know via the Blog or write us a diary to share when we get back to school.

Don’t forget to take time to get stuck into a good book and you can tell us about it next term. We’ve also reset Mathletics homework so there is plenty to keep you busy if you’re already complaining of being bored!

Finally, our topic next term will be Chocolate (Yum). See if you can find out any key facts about chocolate e.g. when it was first made, where it comes from, how it is made etc? Try to find a fact that no-one else will know.

Enjoy the rest of the break, let’s hope the sun keeps shining 🙂

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