Homework 22.1.18

This week we will be starting our new Science topic- Food Chains. We would like you to come to our lesson on Thursday (25.1.18) already knowing what a food chain is. Once you have found an explanation, write a simple sentence or paragraph to explain to your class what you have learnt. You can add your findings to the blog or bring it into class for your teacher.

We look forward to comparing ideas and knowledge.

3 thoughts on “Homework 22.1.18

  1. A food chain is a circle of animals and the 1st animal relies on another animal to eat them then the animal that they eat relies on another animal. It just carries on.

    • A food chain is basically are animals consumers because they eat plants and other animals.They do not make their own food.Animals that eat other animals are called predators.The animals they eat are called prey.

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