Extra breakfast!

This year, all of the year group have been working hard to improve their Kinetic Letters. This means that Year 4 will soon be giving their flicks some extra breakfast and joining them. It is really important that the children are confident with using all of the letter families:

  • Jumper (h, ?, r, m, n, p)
  • Abracadabra (c, a, o, ?, g, q, ?)
  • Window Cleaners (l, ?, t, u)
  • Special Squirter (?)
  • Sliders (v, ?, k, z, x)
  • Fishers (j, g, ?, y)


We need your help! As you can see, there are some letters missing. We would like you to write out the completed families in your best Kinetic Letters. Remember to draw yourself a tree.

Bonus points – Can you make a list of the 5 Brave Monkey letters.

Please complete this by Friday 19th January 2018.

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