Term 2

Well… it has been a busy term, starting with our Anglo- Saxon day. We had so much fun performing poems and preparing and tasting our feast. It was great to spend time with all of Year 4 together and getting to make new friends.

We were very concerned to hear that The West Stow site was under threat from a building company and we wrote persuasive letters to try and change their minds about building a new housing estate which would destroy the Anglo Saxon homes and the museum. We are hoping that they will reply to our letters soon to tell us the outcome of their decision.

We have had a talk from our local PCSOs, helping us to know who the safe adults are in our lives and who we can talk to if we are worried about anything. We have also thought carefully about recycling and how this can help to protect our local environment as well as the rest of the Earth. Next week we will be thinking about Road Safety and how we can make sure we are safe when walking to and from school/ friends etc.

EB Campus have enjoyed our Brass lessons and are looking forward to our concerts on Wednesday this week. Bellinge Campus will be starting their lessons next term so keep an eye out for your concert details in early March.

We have been busy rehearsing for our end of term productions and hope that everyone will be able to come and watch us. Ecton Brook Campus are enjoying the songs and script from Bethlehem The Musical!

From next term we will be using the blog to help us introduce Flipped Learning in Year 4. This is something Year 6 have been using for a while to help develop understanding and to provide pupils with a deeper learning experience. The activities we put on will need to be completed by given dates so that the children come prepared to the lesson ready for us to challenge them further. The children will also be awarded points which will be added to their Learning Logs. There is an expectation that these tasks are completed as without this prior learning children will struggle to keep up with their peers. To support this we will provide time in a lunch or break time for those children who can’t access the tasks at home.

Thank you to all of the Year 4s for another fantastic term and we are very much looking forward to Term 3.

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