Our trip to West Stow

Yesterday, we were all lucky enough to visit the Anglo Saxon village of West Stow and find out some interesting facts that we didn’t already know.

All of us had the opportunity to enter the reconstructed village, this had a variety of different houses that archaeologists believe to be replicas of original houses based on the evidence they excavated.

Stepahanie, our lovely guide, was fantastic at telling us interesting facts that no one knew. One that the children particularly enjoyed was learning that Anglo Saxons invented keys but this was only because they were terrified of elves. Every Anglo Saxon had the same key but they kept their doors shut I case elves came. They believed elves would shoot them with arrows which caused stitches and give them diseases such as chicken pox.

All in all it was a fantastic day had by all!

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  1. I learnt that anglo saxons were afraid of elfs and they belived elfs gave them stiches and gave them chiken poxs. My favourite part was the village because we got to see anglo saxon houses. Aswell as the village I liked the musem.

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