Making Poo in Year 4

Today we had a very exciting day in Year 4! We had the opportunity to make poo as we have been learning about the digestive system. The children followed each part of the digestive system to create the poo and were amazed at what they created.

Firstly they got a funnel and a bag. The funnel acted as their mouth and oesophagus and the bag their stomach. After this they got their hands to act like teeth and slowly crushed the food up, not forgetting to stop and add a drink of orange juice in between their different breakfast choices. They added cornflakes, oats, weetabix, banana, raisins, milk and orange juice to their funnels. Slowly and carefully they used a wooden spoon to act as their molars to further crush the food down into their oesophagus.

Children who can remember what happens next? Comment below with the next stage of the digestive system.

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  1. We had lots of tools and we then we made a digestive system to make poo.Disgustingly,I had to mush all the food up which included:
    Banana,weetabix,raisins and lots more.

  2. we had to mash up the food down to the stomach so it could get to the small intestine every one or 2 minutes we had to pour liquid in so it could get down easier I thought it was gross but it helped us learn about the digestive system.

  3. We put vinegar in the bag to make it the stomach acid. We then squeezed the bag and put the food through a tight to get rid of the liquids and then we pushed down the bottom of the tight we then squeezed it out to make the poo.

  4. Hi year 4,
    I really enjoyed making POO! Glad it didn’t smell like the real thing. This poo contained weetabix , Oats , bananas,milk and orange juice.

    We used 4 different tools.One was a plastic bag with a zip at the top,another a plastic funnel, a wooden spoon sand finally a plastic cup!

  5. We made poo by using banana, orange juice, weetabix ,vinegar and raisins , it smelt a little bit bad and it was fun to make poo with the ingredients we had to squeeze the poo in the socks then we had to squeeze the poo in the tissue .

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