Romans, Romans, Romans

It has been another action packed week in Year 4. We have been deepening our understanding of basic skills, in terms of sentences, grammar and punctuation, whilst also researching the Romans further in preparation for our trip on Monday. They have been exploring Pompeii as a city in Italy and the background history of Vesuvius.

As our trip comes closer the children are very excited about having a context for all the information they have learnt over the past two weeks. Some questions have been looming about what a Roman bath really looks like? Will there be real Armour there?  It will definitely be an exciting trip for them.

Other events are Class 10 made some Ancient Roman bread in class as a way to consolidate their understanding of time connectives and use of Roman numerals.

All Year 4 classes have worked extremely hard this week!img_0005romansimg_0003

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