Our trip to West Stow

Yesterday, we were all lucky enough to visit the Anglo Saxon village of West Stow and find out some interesting facts that we didn’t already know.

All of us had the opportunity to enter the reconstructed village, this had a variety of different houses that archaeologists believe to be replicas of original houses based on the evidence they excavated.

Stepahanie, our lovely guide, was fantastic at telling us interesting facts that no one knew. One that the children particularly enjoyed was learning that Anglo Saxons invented keys but this was only because they were terrified of elves. Every Anglo Saxon had the same key but they kept their doors shut I case elves came. They believed elves would shoot them with arrows which caused stitches and give them diseases such as chicken pox.

All in all it was a fantastic day had by all!

Growth Mindset

In Year 4 we have been thinking about Growth Mindset and how this can be part of everything we do. During our PE lesson, we set our own personal challenges and have agreed that we will work hard to reach the new targets we have set ourselves.  We made sure that each challenge was measurable so that we can check if we have made progress and thought of strategies we can use if we are struggling. We decided that if we have been working really hard but are still not improving very much we will ask for help or research what we should do next. Mrs Cameron even said she was going to practice juggling everyday until she can do it successfully!

Making Poo in Year 4

Today we had a very exciting day in Year 4! We had the opportunity to make poo as we have been learning about the digestive system. The children followed each part of the digestive system to create the poo and were amazed at what they created.

Firstly they got a funnel and a bag. The funnel acted as their mouth and oesophagus and the bag their stomach. After this they got their hands to act like teeth and slowly crushed the food up, not forgetting to stop and add a drink of orange juice in between their different breakfast choices. They added cornflakes, oats, weetabix, banana, raisins, milk and orange juice to their funnels. Slowly and carefully they used a wooden spoon to act as their molars to further crush the food down into their oesophagus.

Children who can remember what happens next? Comment below with the next stage of the digestive system.


During our P.S.H.E. sessions, we have been discussing democracy. We have talked about parliaments and how they may be similar to school. We also looked in some First News newspapers for recent stories about democracy. All off the children in Year 4 were given the chance to vote for their class representative for the school council. Votes were recorded secretly and the children placed them inside a ballot box for them to be counted.


PE with Joe Wicks

As you may have seen last week, we have been participating in Joe Wicks’ live streams. His workouts require determination and coordination, which the children have found challenging at times.

In our PE sessions, we have continued following his live streams which has enabled us to focus on our coordination and core strength. This has not been easy but the children love it!

Welcome to Year 4!

Wow what a fantastic few weeks we have had since returning to school. The children have all settled in well and have been getting used to our new routines and class rules.

This term we are learning about the Anglo Saxons. The children have been researching the types of genres Anglo Saxons used to write in and have been exploring the jewellery they would have worn in Art. From this they have created very detailed pencil dictionaries using a variety of shades.

Last week they had lots of fun in science exploring teeth and decay. They are so excited to see the results of their science experiment. Which liquid will have caused the most decay?

Overall it has been a very exciting few weeks!


Viking Art Work

Year 4 have worked so hard this week creating pencil drawings of viking warriors.  They thought very carefully about  the composition of their pictures and worked hard to include pencil dictionary skills in their work.


EBPS Gazette

So…Mrs Cameron here; I am hoping that my technological skills have improved enough for me to be successful this evening as I have hopefully uploaded our first online version of the EBPS Gazette for you all to read. If all goes to plan you just need to click on the link below and you should be able to read the whole article. Please send us a message to let us know whether it works or not and if not we’ll ask the wonderful Mrs Timmis to help us out! We hope you enjoy this edition and look forward to updating you with future installments. Thank you to TK (editor of the EBPS Gazette) and  his journalists/ reporters for all their hard work in producing each issue.


Term 5

Wow! What a whirlwind start. So far this term, Year 4 have:

  • Visited Grendon Outdoor Centre
  • Taken part in a Smarties investigation week
  • Started working on our new music scheme (which they are looking forward to sharing with you in our assembly next week)
  • Class 10 have been having dance lessons with Natalie which have been great fun and very energetic!
  • Some children have chosen to continue having brass lessons and these have now begun (with many of the children already taking their instruments home)
  • Some of Class 9 have been developing their Art work with Mrs Watson
  • We have had fun using the new astro-turf and other areas of the playground at break and lunchtimes
  • Learnt about states of matter in Science
  • Taken part in a Quicksticks tournament
  • Learnt about Fairtrade

and… eaten a lot of chocolate!!!!